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Addressable Fire Systems

Addressable fire systems provide the user with detailed information and control, helping to reduce false alarms and maintenance costs.

Conventional Fire Systems

Conventional fire alarm equipment is typically cheaper than other types making it the most cost effective solution, for smaller premises, where a Grade A or B system has been specified.

Wireless Fire Systems

Wireless fire alarms offer a solution where the installation of cables is impractical, due to either building structure or inconvenient disruption to your business.

Mains Smoke Detectors

We reccommend interlinked mains smoke detectors in domestic premises. (subject to a fire risk assessment.)   The cost can be significantly less than any of the other options.


Do i need a fire alarm 


If your an employer, landlord,  owner, occupier or any other person with control of a premises the regulatory reform (fire) order 2005 requires you to put in place a suitable fire alarm sytem.

The type of system required varies greatly depending on the size, use and risks within your premises.

What type of fire alarm

system do i need?

Conventional, addressable, wireless or aspirating?  Theres a wide range of different systems available for detecting smoke and fire and the choice may seem daunting.

With many years experience in a wide range of commercial and community settings, your Edifice engineer will guide you through the choice that suits your individual needs and budget.

How often should my

fire alarm be tested?

Testing your fire alarm in most cases is a staight forward procedure and should be carried out and recorded once a week. If you are unsure of the procedure one of our experts would be happy to give you a demonstation.

In addition to weekly testing the British standards Institution recommends fire alarm systems should be inspected at least every six months. by a competent person.

My fire panels displaying a fault

do i need someone to look at it?

Fire alarms Ocassionally develop faults for a variety of reasons. Its a good idea to record any warning lights or text displayed on the fire control panel which indicate there might be a problem and contact a suitably qualified professional. Our Edifice engineers are on call 24 hours a day and are only too happy to get your system up and running as quickly as is possible.

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