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Emergency lighting


Emergency escape lighting can be crucial in an emergency situation, the objective being that in the event of a mains failure power cut, (which is fairly likely in a significant fire situation) escape routes, circulation areas and other specified areas remain illuminated.  




What are the different types 

emergency lighting?

Emergency lights come in two main catergories;  maintained – lights which are illuminated all the time & non maintained lights which illuminate in the event of a power cut. Within Both categories there are a large range of different models to suit your preverance and budget.

Is emergency lighting


If you are the responsible person for non domestic premises or a house of multiple occupancy (HMO), the regulatory reform (fire safety order) 2005 states;

Emergency routes and exits requiring illumination must be provided with emergency lighting of adequate intensity in the case of failure of their normal lighting”.

Do i need to have my emergency lighting

tested every year?

Yes, british standards (BS5266) and uk fire legislation stipulate emergency lights have a full test once a year. This means they must have the mains power switched off and left operating on battery power for three hours. If a light fails before the end of the test the light has failed and will require repair or replacement.